Friday, June 06, 2008

Scrapbooking Continues

Did up my third and fourth pages!

Tried out new styles for each, they are vastly different from each other as well as from the first two pages tried.

Page 3: New Born

Work in Progress shot.

This is the "lowest budget" of all my scrapbook pages so far. Yee, do you recognise the card you gave me?? Its now immortalized as part of the scrapbook page! The nursery mobile and scalloped edges are just too cute to pass up. In fact I was inspired this layout by the mobile on the card. The ribbon gives the idea that our new baby is a gift.. like the text says the best things come in the littlest packages. Boy it takes me a long time to figure out how to tie the ribbon just so. Haha. Those who know me know that I have alot of problems tying ribbons!

Completed shot.

Sigh, I don't know why I can't load the picture properly. Before you ask, YES I did try rotating it! Urgh! The birth announcement details are on (place, time, etc) and added some flower stickers for embellishment. After I took the shot, I added three small charms and a jewel brad to spice up the page. But too lazy to re-take the photo - never mind lah hor? It still looks more or less the same as this.

1 8"x8" pink paper with words "Sweet baby girl" in background

1 x 4R shot of Sophie (uncropped)
1 x dissected card from Li Yee

2 x dissected DSTA Angpows 2008 - provided the shiny gold frame for Sophie's picture as well as the strips for the words

1 x dissected Petit Bateau clothespack - provided the 3 accented letters

1 x ribbon - from my cupboard

3 x stickers from Spotlight
3 x charms and their brads from Made With Love
1 x jewel brad from Spotlight
1 x flower accented brad from Creative Hands
1 x rub-on from Spotlight
The ever omnipresent black permanent OHP pen and lots of tape and glue dots

Page 4: Flourish
I forgot to take the work in progress shot for this one so this is the completed one. Its by far the most complex page of the four I have done! It took me hours and hours.

This layout started with the red felt hearts across the page and Princess blings. The original idea was to show that Sophie is a well-loved Princess! However because the hollow regions of the felt cutouts, I used the flowers to hold them down - one thing led to another and it ended up the whole page being covered with flowers of all sorts. I have really stretched my creative juices to the max to produce all these flowers! Eventually the layout still fit the theme, just that I've modified it to hoping that Sophie will grow and flourish wherever she is planted with the love that she has been given. Like I wrote on the small yellow tag:

"Sophie, you are our most precious princess, the apple and flower of Mummy and Daddy's eyes. As you are brought up in love, we pray that you will grow and flourish where you are planted."

Ingredients (long list!!!!)
1 8"x8" pink paper with flowery background
1 x 4R shot of Sophie (uncropped)
1 x red felt hearts from Creative Hands
1 x "Princess" rhinestones from Spotlight
1 x cardstock quote from Creative Hands
11 x rub-ons (1 from Made With Love, 10 from Creative Hands)
12 x assorted paper/fabric flowers from Made With Love and Spotlight
6 x mini brads to hold flowers in place from Creative Hands
2 x flower stickers from Spotlight
7 x assorted plastic flower buttons from Spotlight
3 x decorative brads (2 from Made With Love, 1 from Creative Hands)
Surprisingly, no black permanent marker
but BOY SUPER A LOT OF glue dots and foam pop dots!

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