Saturday, June 21, 2008

Flip = No Peace

Sophie has succeeded in flipping herself from back to front on Wednesday, and then succeeded in flipping front to back on Thursday. And since then, she has been flipping non-stop! Results in no peace for G and I as we have to keep watch over her every single moment, she could easily flip herself off the bed, or wedge herself into a corner of her cot, etc. Else, the silly girl will get frustrated if there is an obstacle in her flipping path. And sometimes when she is tired of holding her head up she just mashes it into the cot / mattress / pillow below her face. Haha..

Presenting our little flipper:

Flipping in her cot

Flipping with Mummy (who's saying "Look at Daddy, darling!! Look!! Quick Garytakethephotobeforesheflops!")

Flipping with Daddy - Note the puddle of drool! Yucks! Don't they look so alike in this photo?

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