Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Sophie is just unbelievable sleepy tonight!!

The usual sequence of steps I will follow when she falls asleep when feeding all failed!!

1. Try to delatch her: (Usually works and she will start sucking again)
- No reaction, happily let go, continue sleeping

2. Put her down: (Usually within 1 minute she will wake up and wail)
- Change pose and continue sleeping

3. Tickle her belly and legs:
- Just wriggle and went back to sleep

4. Transfer her from our bed to cot:
- Moved into her new favourite "Kungfu" pose and sleep

5. Change her diaper:
- Change to "Worship" pose and sleep

6. Cannot take it!! I took off her clothes and changed her to sleepsuit:
- Continue to "Worship" and sleep

Argh!! Unbelievable!!

Maybe I should learn from my friend, she said she kept a spray bottle with cold water to spray on her son's face to wake him up, and then use a face towel to rub the cold water all over his face.

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