Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Weight-less chronicles 2 / Shopping notes

Pastor is preaching about the Book of Chronicles in church,

I'm keeping my own Book of Chronicles on losing my preggy weight! Haha!

Here's part 1..

and in the close to 5 weeks since Part 1 was written, I've managed to lose another 5kg. So I'm now at the weight I was at 8weeks pregnant when i first went to see the Stats-Loving Doc. Yippee!!

Unfortunately, I am still totally believable as a new mother - ie still with rolls of fats around my middle and a too-large butt. Nowhere near those XS-sized ladies whose weight just seems to melt off and they are back to pre-preg size within 2 weeks. Sigh! Another 1 month plus to go before I can do any exercise to tone up the flabs too, courtesy of my C-section.

Well, I have managed to fit into my biggest skirt, 2 biggest pair of pants and biggest pair of jeans. My wardrobe is slowly increasing back to include the pre-preg items, yay!

On the other hand it means I have no good excuse to go shopping when the GSS rolls around again. Sigh. Better save money, especially as my new favourite brand, Ted Baker, is sooooo high end.

I heart Ted Baker! Spring is in the Hare!

Anyway, I've treat myself to my first mother's day present, a gorgeous bag from Ted Baker and a pair of shoes from Foxtrot. I think I am getting more bimbotic as I grow older. Oh well.

My lovely new bag! Don't ask how much it costs!

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