Sunday, April 20, 2008

Absolutely grouchy

Sophie was an absolute grouch today in church. Well, actually, she was a grouch in church last weekend too, but today was even worse!!

She fed, then I played with her for awhile and then put her down to sleep. However, she refused to sleep and when she finally did, she awoke after less than half an hour and began wailing loudly. Sigh!! The wailing was a mixture of hunger and tiredness, which is a vicious cycle:

Wailing due to tiredness = Cannot drink properly.
Cannot drink properly = Even more hungry
Even more hungry = Cannot sleep
Cannot sleep = More tired


I guess she is not used to the environment in church nursery. It might be too cold / too bright / too noisy than what she's used to?
Hopefully this is the case and she will be able to adjust after a few more times there. Sigh!!

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