Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I am so suay!!

Have been caught up in a mini-"controversy" recently regarding an item I wanted to sell to a person I met online.

After much negotiation and conversation over email and sms, we've agreed to meet up for the sale when the buyer last-minute (ie. 3 hours before!) asked for a discount saying that she'd found it on sale somewhere. Since I have no way to check out her actual claim, I used the price of item which I saw near where I was as a gauge and refused to lower the price. I even took a photo of the price tag to prove - lucky I did - cos the buyer's accusing me of lying and misleading her on the price! Ugh!!

Best, when I later went to the store she claimed to see it on sale, there is no such item...


I don't mind people to bargain with me on prices, but I really cannot stand it when people lie to me!! Urgh!! Just be honest and tell me the reason straight, I will appreciate it more than fishy untruths.

To imagine I brought the item out with me for one whole day for nothing! BTW, item is (tah-dah) a vacuum cleaner. No joke siah, to carry it around!!

Oh well, I shall treat is an arm exercise.. maybe it will help me tone up my fat arms sooner..

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