Tuesday, April 08, 2008

One Month

Baby Sophie is 1 month old!

Aunty Tiffany and Sophie

We had her 1 month celebration on Sunday 6th April. Exactly 1 month after she was born on 6th March. From 1pm, the guests began arriving and soon it was a full fledged "mad house" with lots and lots of people and lots and lots of noise! We catered a buffet from Elsie's Kitchen and the feedback was that the food is good. In fact, it is so good that most of the food was gone before I could even get to try it.. Sigh.. By 7pm, all the guests had left and suddenly the house seemed weirdly quiet.

The buffet line.. yummy yumm

Amazingly to the guests, even with all the noise and being passed to different Kor Kor and Jie Jie to hold, Sophie was still sleeping sooooo soundly. Actually, that's not amazing, there is nothing more that she loves than to be carried to sleep. On the other hand once you put her down she will wake up! And she tolerates noise very well too, must be cos her Daddy and Mummy are such noisy people.. haha..

My mum, 2 cousins Kelly and Karin are all so amused by her antics

Her 1 month celebration also marked the last day of my confinement lady being with us. So for the past 32 hours, we have been looking after Sophie ourselves. Gosh, its really tiring man. She has been waking up many times in the night, and always fussing to be carried in the day, and we don't know why. Maybe
1. she missed the CL? - we always joke that our plus-size CL is Sophie's First-class seat, her Daddy is the Business-class seat, Mummy is Economy class and my very petite mother in law is the Budget Airline. =P
2. she is adjusting to the new environment? - we have shifted her cot into our bedroom from the spare room where she used to sleep with the CL. Maybe the room is brighter, breezier, or some other thing about the place bothers her..
3. she is over tired from Sunday? - although this is kind of hard to believe cos she slept sooooooooo long on Sunday.
4. she is traumatized by her 1 month vaccination? - brought her to AMK polyclinic for the jab today. She only wailed twice immediately after getting the jab but wailed for a long time as we were on the way home and at home as well. Sigh.

Confinement lady carrying Sophie before leaving

Whatever it is, have to think of new ways to entertain her.. Yesterday, the only way she would go to sleep in the afternoon was to lie on my chest. Today early afternoon as well, but at about 3pm she suddenly stopped fussing after her feed and allowed me to lie her down in her cot.. yay.. which explains why I finally got time to blog haha.

BTW if you are wondering why no pictures from the 1 month celebration? Its because this sotong mummy was so busy and forgot to take pictures!! So if you have taken pictures, please send to me, firstcor1614[at]yahoo[dot]com, I will be very grateful!!

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