Tuesday, February 12, 2008


In four weeks, the mouse has gained 500grams to weigh a hefty 3kg.
In the same four weeks, the mother has gained 3.5kg!! Urgh!!

It must be all the Chinese New Year food.
It must be!!!!!
(howls in denial)

However, our enormous mouse hasn't engaged yet, she's still way high up. So I might go over due date - doc predicts she'll make her way down by the end of the month though. Go mouse go!! tuck yourself into a nice position for coming out easily OK??

So far, I've had much to be thankful for this pregnancy:
- No morning sickness; felt nauseous before but quite seldom, and never threw up once.
- No spotting/bleeding/abdominal cramping at all
- No cravings/food aversions whatsoever
- No hypertension
- No gestational diabetes
- Very little leg cramps - in fact only once when it was super cold in Cameron Highlands
- No stretch marks!! Ahaha!!
- Very little water retention that only started very late (35 weeks)
- Slept through the night until recently (35 weeks) and if I wake up, it's only once a night
- Relatively high energy levels until recently too.. So many people have been telling me they're amazed by my stamina.

Shall pray to maintain these all the way to the birth!

And shall pray for:
- she engages by 38 weeks
- position will be optimum for natural birth (head straight down)
- cervix will efface and dilate effectively
- contractions will be effective at getting her into position
- active labour will last less than 30 minutes (out in three pushes! yeah!)
- there will be no need for assisted delivery or surgery

God is good and so is my mouse! =)

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