Sunday, February 10, 2008

Rats (2)

Happy new year of the rat!

In the past four days, I have:
- Slept too little.
- Eaten too much.
- Visited an old friend who gave birth on the first day of the ratty year!
- Had my desires for ratty clothes for the princess fulfilled - with a giftset from Hong Kong Disneyland, no less! Thank you KQ!
- Answered endless streams of questions about my all-too-prominent tummy.

Conversations of the new year generally go like this:
"You're pregnant!"
"I didn't know!!"
(insert pause - no possible answer to the above - while the Questioner recovers for the next inane question)
"When are you due?"
"5th of March."
"Boy or girl?"
"Yes. " (for lack of a better answer to the above. Again.)
"Chosen a name yet?"

Repeat, ad nauseum, as each new relative arrives.


Oh, and the wishlist is updated. =)

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