Wednesday, February 20, 2008

#6: Tried and failed again

Of the all-important List Of Things To Do, we've tried #6 again today and failed again.

Cot #1 that we got is just too complex to figure. Will need to go back to the manufacturer and ask. But since it was manufactured in (ulp) 1996, I'll keep my fingers crossed that they even still know such a model exists. Hopefully they do and are able to advise us on how it should be set up.

Cot #2 that we got was the tried-and-failed earlier on in the week. That one was really shaky and could literally be pulled apart with bare hands or even just a well placed kick. Confirmed condemned.

Its great that we had help trying tonight to put Cot #1 together - it proves that we're not as silly as we thought we are. It's the cot problem, not our brain problem! haha!

On the upside?
I don't need to get a playpen mattress anymore - the playpen we got back from mum's church is "sengeh" so it won't be used except as a very last resort.

So, if anyone needs me these next few days, I will be found hanging around baby shops trying to find a cot. See you at Taka, Robinsons or John Little - I hope they're still having sales!! Apparently JL and Robinsons sale ended as of last weekend.. Argh.. And I hope the mouse stays inside long enough for us to find her one! Roar!

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