Sunday, April 29, 2007

Greater is He

Greater is He who's in me /
Greater is He than all the earth /
(something something and something) my closest friend, my saviour /
So much more than I deserve..

I really love the chorus of this worship song..

"Greater is He who's in me"
- Relating who and where God is to who and where I am is just so mind blowing. God you are so far above me, your thoughts are not my thoughts; your ways are not my ways - they are higher, better and far wider than I could dream of.
Yet You choose to live in me. Of all the places in the universe.

"Greater is He than all the earth" - Bigger and greater in size, thought, understanding and wisdom. And also, bigger than all our problems and tiny little issues. Did you say you had a problem? That's alright, when it's so much smaller than our God.

And finally, so truly.. He is so much more than we deserve. True companion, faithful friend, present help in times of need.. If we could have one earthly friend like that, it would already be beyond anything anyone deserves. What have we done to deserve this? Absolutely nothing and nothing we can ever do can deserve it..

Thank you Jesus.

I really typed (something something and something) before I decided it looked too silly and smsed resident stork to find out what the ACTUAL lyrics were. So much for being musical! Super can't remember song lyrics EVEN WHEN I AM NOT ON DUTY *grumble grumble*. Bah.

Oh and yesssss!!
Mr CHOW YONG QUAN is in the Emerge Manhunt!!! OMGGGGGG!!! Lets all vote for him, when he wins and becomes famous we can blackmail him with all the unglam photos taken during section chalet and outings! ROFL!!!!

Finally, saw this while surfing on the net.. Haha! I like!

Practicality courtesy of Benefit Cosmetics, SF. Woo. Shall go check them out when I go there in June (OMGGGGGGG only one month more!! Help!)

Update: Got the song lyrics finally right.
who am i
that You wash my feet
prince of heaven's blood
shed for me

who am i
that You called my name
nailed my sin to the cross
unfailing grace

greater is He who's in me
greater is He than all the earth
my closest friend, my saviour
so much more than i deserve

let my life bring You honour
let my words bring You grace
Your great love is what i want

my refuge
my shelter
my healer and rest
almighty redeemer
salvation and strength

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