Thursday, April 05, 2007

Sucks to be sick

and completely out of it for the past two days.

Heck I just woke up at 11plus pm thinking it was time to go to work on Thursday morning and with a totallyfuzzy recollection of answered-and-promptly-deleted-from-memory calls and smses and a sensation that these people who have been disturbing my drug-induced sleep are terribly, terribly rude to have interrupted my slumber at such completely unreasonable times as 9pm - hence they deserve to have everything! they've told me in the past 48 hours forgotten.

Or is that just my attempt to put off those vague sheepish "sorry-but-did-you-call-me-or-was-I-dreaming-and-what-did-you-say" calls. Haha.

So here I am at 1am, not because there is no need for more sleep, but because drifting in and out of headaches, bodyaches, pyrexia and druggedness has left me with a massive amount of undone work. And up goes the temp again, its going to be hard to fall back to sleep for the rest of the night.

Ok work.. Enough of whining already!

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