Monday, February 08, 2010

The Smell of Kerosene

Smelling the kerosene brought back memories of my days in Guides, in VnR, the Orientation campfires I'd managed as a Students' Council teacher. Its a smell you only get to smell at campfires, which are always the highlight of any camp and the culmination of weeks of preparation. Everyone's spirits are high, there's singing and dancing and lots of fun.

On Friday, as thousands were waiting for the fire-lighting, delighted that the rain had finally stopped, I walked away from the Central Plaza to the lingering smell of kerosene.

Driving as fast as I could in Big Eddie, ended up missing Sophie's bedtime but was in time before Zoe slept. And for that few minutes, walking away from what I used to love was worth it.

Oh, but how I miss it.

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