Wednesday, January 27, 2010

So, where have I been for Jan?

What a way to start the new year with G aggravating an old injury at a soccer game on Sunday before school opened (10/1). The diagnosis changed each time the Doc came up to see us, as further investigations revealed more and more issues. The op to repair the damage was done on Tuesday 12/1, and the final summary after Doc opened his knee up:

Snapped anterior cruciate ligament – this was the repair he had performed in 2001, using a hamstring tendon. Now, need to re-repair with a cadaveric tendon.
Torn medial meniscus
Crushed and bruised lateral meniscus
Sprained 2 other ligaments whose names I forgot
Osteochondrial lesion seen on MRI that turned out to be a hairline fracture

Apparently this repair is a very painful procedure and G had to be on IV painkillers and a cryo-cuff in the hospital, where he stayed for 6 days. He has to use crutches, wear a brace, and attend physiotherapy sessions to help exercise the area. No photography (squatting, running around is a no-no), no carrying kids, no sports, NO SOCCER roar!!

Adding fuel to the fire, Sophie's CC had a chicken pox outbreak. There was 1 case at the start of the year, but the virus only really spread on the week that G was in hospital. As we had not yet given her the 2nd dose of chicken pox vaccine, we took her out of school and separated her from Zoe in case she had been infected. MIL being very tired from looking after all day long, I had to take over the care once I got home = no work done! To top if off, Sophie does not sleep well at night and I get maybe only 4-5 hours of broken sleep. How to function??

And just as G came home, there was the ISYF in school. Being the "social escort" to the distinguished guests, I was barely at my desk all week as we had to fetch, send, escort, pour coffee.. the list goes on!! Work piled up.. it is currently 6 inches high stack of marking that I NEED TO CLEAR ARGH, not counting the bag full I brought home but yet to finish =(

Save my life................. no wonder I have not posted for all of Jan.

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