Thursday, April 23, 2009


Thursday has got to be one of my favourite days of the week this year.

On Thursdays, I have the luxury of being lesson-free all day long (well, at least, on those weeks I don't have to do makeup lessons).

Better still, those people I like to hang out with have the same kind of timetable as me, so I have kakis for a nice long leisurely breakfast / lunch / tea.

And it is certainly a welcome break after the hectic pace of Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday (they are the kind of days that whiz past so fast you can't even catch your breath).

And so, it is Thursday again, my favourite day of the week. =)

Must be careful not to slack TOO MUCH though, else I will not be able to catch up on the backlog of work from Mon-Tue-Wed. =P

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