Sunday, April 26, 2009

#1 Versus #2

Compare and Contrast question.. Haha..

1. Little nausea / morning sickness. For both gals I did not throw up even once. Thank God for this blessing man!
2. HUGE stomach. From 30 weeks onwards everybody thought I was almost ready to pop cos my tummy is so big!
3. Lack of stretch marks.. Funny but I do not have a single stretch mark on my tummy for both pregnancies. Especially surprising for Z as I have had rashes on my tummy a few times and did not apply the stretch mark oil when the rashes outbreak was active.
4. Good health in general throughout pregnancy and checkups. Blood pressure, urine checks, etc are all good so far.. not much water retention with S till about 36-37 weeks, now at 35 weeks with Z, I have no serious water retention yet either.
5. No cravings!! Really.. Good life my hubby has hor.
6. Similar size of baby - Z is now estimated at 2.2kg during my 33 week checkup, which is bang on track just like S.
7. Hot Hot Hot!! I have been so hot both times. I think I am hotter this time around but maybe because the weather is hotter as well?? I almost miss the feeling of being COLD.. haha..

1. Z is a much STRONGER baby than S. When she moves, she moves so vigorously that its literally painful.. ugh. S was a super fast-moving but not as brute-strength.
2. Lower position.. S was really high in my womb all the time, can always feel her at the top half of my belly. Z on the other hand always moves around in the lower half of the stomach.
3. Skin problems.. ugh.. I have really bad eczema and rashes with Z which I did not have with S. Unfortunately my dermatologist says it cannot be cured during pregnancy as its due to hormonal changes.. furthermore the medicine is steroid so I am not allowed to take it now.. =( sigh I can only hope that it clears up completely after I give birth.
4. Cramps & false labour signs.. I've never had much Braxton-Hicks with S, only very sporadically towards the EDD (>38 weeks along). For Z, I have had the BH cramps every few days but only 2-3 times per day, could feel them since 2nd trimester. Hopefully it means my body is readying itself for natural birth (but not too early ok baby, mummy wants to have you in June not in May!)
5. Leg cramps & backache - Only once with S but almost every night with Z. Did not have much backache with S but its really bad with Z. Hard to get comfy in any position I am in now.. ugh..
6. Insomnia - With S I slept like a log every night!! Now, with Z, I am in a vicious cycle because I wake up in the middle of the night all of a sudden and cannot get back to sleep for the next 2 hours -- makes me super tired in the day and cannot focus on my work -- need to bring work home -- but I am too tired and crash into bed by 10pm -- happens everyday. =(
7. Weight gain - With S I put on 18kg from start to finish, lost 13kg after that, now with Z I have gained 10kg so far. Hmm, if you do the maths, during the pregnancy I gained much less, but because of the higher "starting weight", I will probably end up about the same weight at term.

5 more weeks to meeting baby Zoe!! Whee!

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