Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ministry Mum

I am going to be back active in UM from June onwards. While I do miss being involved in the very vibrant and involved ministry, part of me does wonder if I can do it or not.

Those others with kids serving in UM at the same level of commitment as myself (or even higher) are without exception, the daddies in the family. I'm not saying that DAD has a lesser role to play with child's development and care than MUM. But usually the perception is that the MOTHER is the one who should stay with the baby more and "give up" more commitments to be a good mum. So if I manage it, it will really be a breakthrough - both physically for myself and in terms of mindset for others. I've always heard comments from adults that they feel UM is too "high-commitment" for them, explain that they have family / kids / work etc hence its not possible to join such a ministry. Well, if I can accomplish to come back to serving effectively in UM, then I will be able to refute all of such arguments because if I can do it, hey others can do it too!

Ask me how am I going to do these:
1. Serve effectively in UM at the level of an SL
2. Allow my Hubby to serve effectively in his Drama and Photog ministries
3. Consistently bring Sophie along to church to let her grow up in the house of God

.. and I will tell you: "I really don't know!!"

But I do know that I have to try. And starting from June 1 onwards, I will try my very best to a "pioneer" in this area. I am curious to prove to myself and to others that it CAN be done!

In the meantime, I got to catch up back on 2month plus of backdated UM news and changes and emails.. Gosh.. Wish me the best!!

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