Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Drooly Baby

All of a sudden, my baby has learned how to drool... YUCKS...

She has blown raspberries with her saliva for some time now. But this one is really streams of saliva running out from her mouth.. Ewww!!

It was really funny. On Saturday, we went to a Japanese restaurant at Tampines with G's CG after service. Oh boy, Sophie suddenly started to drool non-stop. So tempted by the food the adults are eating.. haha.. sorry baby, you cannot eat any of it for a least a few years!! Stick to your milk, after that is mashed up baby foods, and then porridge.. Sophie's diet going to be very boring still =P

Well, now, there is a new addition to the list of baby things I got to bring when we go out.. and that is.. BIB!! Else, I will be covered in Sophie's saliva!!

Its really true that babies development changes from 1 day to the next. Suddenly, she started to drool. And suddenly, she developed easy-to-interpret sleep patterns. She'll feed, then be happy to play and coo for about 45min to 1 hour. Then, she will give little cries and yawns which means that she is sleepy. Once she is in that state, pick her up for 5 mins to soothe her and she will fall asleep. And last night, she is able to tahan 7 hours unbroken sleep without waking up wanting a feed. Keeping my fingers crossed that this will last! Yeah!

Oh yes, the Japanese restaurant is quite interesting. Forgot to note down the name but its located in Tampines Swimming Complex. Its like a Japanese style "Marche" where there are different "stations" for you to order different types of food - Sushi, Udon, Rice, BBQ stuff, fried stuff, Dessert and Drinks etc etc. You walk through the area, select which items you want to try, it will then be cooked and delivered to your table. Price is quite reasonable also, start from $0.99 per plate of sushi. Yumm!

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