Friday, May 30, 2008

Taking Advantage

Sometime ago I posted about the generosity and giving spirit of people who give away / loan out their unwanted items for free. The idea is to reduce waste on the givers side and also to help the receipients save $$ on items they would else need to spend money on. And indeed I've gotten many items passed down to me that I am very grateful for. The spirit of giving and passing it on is truly admirable especially when its actually possible to sell many of these items 2nd hand (as opposed to giving away) for cash. I am trying to pass on some of my stuffs too, in dribs and drabs when I find the time to find the items (ha ha pun).

Have noted that some people do try to take advantage of these generous souls however. Urgh!! There's one particular userid in SgFreecycle that keeps on popping up daily, asking for the most ridiculous things - all expensive and frivolous items - like handphones, laptop, and (champion) a Wii set. I really feel like this guy is trying to "just see what he can get" and is not genuinely needy for any of the above. I for one will never want to reply to any of his postings even if I have any of the items that he wants.

Worse still are those people who get the items for free and then re-sell them. And apparently its quite common as I have read some peoples' message "warning" people not to do so with their items and requesting that those who ask for the items give their reasons. Sigh!! That's so unethical. Grr. I hope no one does that with the items I put up for offer. =(

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