Friday, May 16, 2008

Happier Things

Sophie is happy in her new stroller cushions and romper, getting to see more of the world

G and I have received a lot of response to our postings on his illness. Thanks all, feel much blessed and loved while being showered with all your care and concern!

So, updates:
G is much improved now, we spent some time at my mum's place where he received more "massage therapy"which is supposed to help with his neck ache and headache. I particularly enjoyed being back at my parents place cos everything is so familiar (esp my mum's cooking yay yay - not that MIL's cooking is poor but its just different style), also enjoyed having an oven so that I could bake! G does not like my muffins though =(

Going back, I realised I do miss the sky-eye view that a 23rd floor flat affords. Its a very different feeling than living on land as we do here. Its the kind of expansive suddenly-you-feel-the-world-is-so-large view that people go on holidays overseas to get! So, if anyone would like to take a holiday to my house, you are most welcome and we charge very reasonable fees =P

As we gain confidence in handling her, we have also started taking S out more often rather than just to church and hurry home. She has now been to IMM, Suntec, Rail Mall and Simei's Eastpoint. Well travelled girl! However she does get abit cranky towards evening time if the place is not familiar to her and hence we will keep our outings mostly to day time for the time being.

S is also much bigger and heavier according to all who've seen her. Her dad feels it too by the ache in his arms when he carried her haha. In the mornings when she's just woken up, she is generally in a good mood and coos and laughs while we play with her. Its these moments that your heart melts and you forgive her for all the whining / wailing of the past day.

S has also learned to use and control her hands much better. She attempts to hold her milk bottle herself (no kidding) and when she hungry she will also tap and push impatiently on the milk source as if to say "Eh Hurry up lei!!" On the contrary when she has had enough she will use her hand to bat the teat out of her mouth. And she twists and pulls her clothing and blankets.. and grasps our fingers to make sure that her mummy and daddy don't put her down and leave her alone! =P

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