Friday, March 16, 2007


are just an excuse to go back to school in casual clothes.

Accomplished this holiday:

- 3 and a half days of eight-to-nine-hours-straight remedials

- one! precious day of slacking with Tiff, Keqing and Juan. We watched THE ORIGINAL 倚天屠龙记 (With Tony Leung and Shao Mei Qi looking OMG SO YOUNG and laughing at the lousy acting and special effects which look so weird to our now-jaded-with-CGI-effects eyes).
But hey the original is still the best, it brings you back to those primary school days where you would eagerly await each week's installments as you had nothing better to do with you time. Whee..

- rushing over after tuition to eat tauhuay at selegie road as a celebration of meizhen's birthday. The tauhuay now comes in plastic takeaway containers instead of those more auth-feeling melamineware bowls with metal spoons. Sigh. Must even tauhuay-eating become so sanitized and progressive? Boo!

- Sending off my dear JX from UM to CG ministry. Boohoo. Yet another person gone, and I feel each loss with all my heart. None of my ushers are just numbers to me, all of you are wonderful people that I love for each of your own unique, idiosyncratic reasons. Sighhhh. You know MC said she cried during the farewell? Well, so did I. Hahahaha. So Diu Lian hor.

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