Monday, March 05, 2007


Bah I dislike being forced into doing things.

And i've just been forced, no less, by Blogger to change to the "new" Blogger system (signing in with Gmail).

Irritating to say the least:
- I can't use some of the templates I've designed; the error message that keeps on popping up has something to do with 'template is not well-parsed' and NO ONE knows freaking anything about how to fix it! (Roar!) It works fine in the original Blogger lor. Not well-parsed?? Hmph! I give you loads of PARSLEY!!!

Pity I couldn't find any pictures with said parsley stuck into a heap of *ahem* organic fertilizer *ahem*.

- You have to sign in with a gmail account and so I get auto-logged-out of my "official" gmail whenever I sign into Blogger. Bah. Of course I don't use my UM mail for this!!
- Most of all I HATE HATE HATE being left without a choice.


Short snips:
- I need to looooooooooooooooooooossssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee weight weight and more weight. Can someone please teach me a painless, sweatless, timeless method that ACTUALLY WORKS. Maybe I could cut out my irritatingly metabolically efficient bowels so that not everything I eat gets transmuted into fats. Hmph. Oh that would reduce the size of the gut area too. Hooray.

- My dog snuffles and whines. And he actually looks cute doing it. Oh Scampy, teach me how!!

- My Eye, Singapore Style:

Driving past the construction site of the ferris wheel opposite Marina. We begin to admire the sheer size of the thing. (OK, I thought it was a really large Viking ship ride at first, but lets not add my ignorance to the already-hilarious situation):

EC: They say the ferris wheel is going to be bigger than The Eye in London.
Ming: Wow. So what are we going to call it? The Bakchew?
Ming: And if we sell stamps on it. Wouldn't that be Bak Chew Tah Stamp??

Note: Proper name of said ferris wheel is Singapore Flyer.

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