Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Have a Happy Mycological Christmas!

Yesterday, at Roger's house:

A Christmas tree, complete with decorations and lights!

(No, that's not the tree in his house. Duh! Can't you see gifts under the tree? Whereas if if was in Roger's house, we would have snatched the presents up le. For illustration purposes only.)

HM: Er, wasn't Christmas over a long time ago? It's July le.
Rac: Ah! But that means Christmas is coming again soon!

Talk about the pessimist versus the optimist.

But I'm seriously deluged in Christmas-mood already. I can't wait for the season to be here! Today, I was even humming Christmas carols -ahemprovidingsoothing-background-musicahem- in class while my students were copying.

Let's count in this way:
It's Wednesday of Week 3 of Term 3!
So 6.5 weeks more to the September Holidays!!
Let's minus the 0.5 week for National Day Holidays!!!
And then a week of holidays!!!!
And then another 6 weeks before the JC2 students are dismissed for study break!!!!!

Which will, by then, bring us right to the middle of..



Entertain yourselves with some mycological fun, then, and by the time the Real Thing rolls around, we'll be well equipped in setting up our Christmas Mushrooms.

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