Thursday, July 12, 2007


1. Purple hair - You know purple HAD to appear somewhere!
2. Princess tiara - Because that's what I am. Hmphffff. Flbbbtttt.
3. Bloodshot eyes with dark rings
4. Large aviator shades to hide abovementioned bloodshot-eyes-etc etc
5. Sweat, blood and tears streaming down face
6. As I attempt to be a superwoman and juggle so, so many things.
7. Quandary - Should I be the angel or the devil?
8. Devil wins! as evidenced by the copious amounts of weaponry (look! a lightsaber! muaahaahahahahahaha) to use on unsuspecting students and the Burning Fires of Hell to shove the NEXT person who attempts to write rubbish on their exam scripts!!!

Fun courtesy of SouthPark Studios


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