Saturday, April 30, 2011

Difficult child?

Came across this book at a book fair.. 10 characteristics of a difficult child & Sophie has quite a few of them.

1. Super stubborn - she can insist on her way over the most trivial things & not give in even when punished. She can go on for hours literally.

2. Over sensitive - she is very sensitive to loud sounds, temperature, random things can trigger off huge tantrums.

3. Extreme shyness - anyone who has seen me with her outside can testify to this one.. She will not acknowledge you at all throughout the outing even I'd she had seen you every week of her life.

4. Very intense - she is really super intense when it comes to wanting to get her way. Or when she wants to get her point across.

Sigh.. Though she has gotten easier to handle with age, I really wonder when the "difficult" times will pass..

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