Friday, April 01, 2011

Juan's Wedding: Rampant Artistry III (or How One Thing Led To Another)

OK last one I am done after this I promise!!

An angpow box that started as a simple papier mache suitcase
morphed into a paper-covered one.. both inside and out..

(the suitcase was too hard to cut through and so the original idea of cake-like stacks of boxes was abandoned) ..and because I needed the suitcase to stay open, I had to use a stand..

but the stand looked rather silly on its own, so I got TWO stands..

anyway with two stands I could 顺便 hang the couples' names

and a lantern with more pics..

to finish up the whole setup.

Hehe. Hope you enjoyed!
Suitcase from Spotlight, lamp and lampstands from NTUC, car from random flower shop and other materials from SEI, Prima and Graphic 45.

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