Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Scotland Is..

.. very very rainy - brooding gloomy kind of rainy

.. very very cold - below ten, above zero, and luckily we got out before winter REALLY set in

.. very very beautiful - i've never seen grass so green, ref to pt above about rain

pics when i have time - now to recuperate from jetlag and whiny mice.


Update: OK here's the pics.. I can't sleep cos its the middle of the afternoon Scottish time, sigh. Can anyone say JETLAG!

Going Around Glasgow
Scottish breakfast, we ate the same thing every morning.

Overhead bridge also so chio

Our group in one of the rare moments of sunshine. I look so freaking silly with the darn hat I decided to stop wearing it.
At the Glasgow Science Center - They've some Age Machine thing. First pic is of me, 2nd pic is me aged 30 years (oh man I so need to start skincare regime NOW) and 3rd pic is of me as a man (no difference at all WTH!!)
Remember the quote "Genius is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration" (Zoom in)

Glasgow Central Station, they've merged brand new facilities so well with old buildings.

Glasgow Cathedral, also known as St Mungo's (Hogwarts!) I am a big HP fan, I SO felt like I was living a HP novel in Scotland. The robes, the place, the mist and the castles. *dreamy eyed*

The interior of the church. This is the innermost portion where services are still held. There is an outer church and a lower church too.

Kelvingrove Museum and Glasgow University tower. I love the light here

Was lucky to get this sort o lighting on the last day there

University of Glasgow & the Dow / Davies Labs
The iconic Glasgow University Tower.. Can you spot the rainbow behind it? Hey with all the rain.. there's got to be rainbows lol

In the University Square courtyard of Glasgow Uni
View from the University Library.. omg how to study with a view like this, I'll be gazing out the window dreamily all the time I think
Chowing down in the cafe. This is cheap eats, a hot meal for around £3.. S$7, omg. On the streets, the cheapest we could find was around £5 or so and it was mostly more in the £7-10 range. Freaking expensive to live there lah

Wolfson Building where the Dow / Davies labs were located

First day in the lab and intro to the FLIES.. Many of them died for our sakes that day lol. Lab staff, Laura, Tony and Pablo who helped us loads
I told you many died for our sakes

Pablo demo-ing in the lab. We managed to get good clones for the 2 genes worked on, hooray. Hopefully we would be able to further this with positive results here in SG.
Tony and the confocal microscope
With Professors Dow and Davies, who so kindly hosted us in their labs. They are wonderful people, very gracious and kind and always willing to talk to us about all sorts of things, not just the projects.

It was Prof Davies' birthday on Nov 29th and I made this little gift box for her and stuffed a muffin inside. Had actually brought along the materials to make thank-you LOs for the 2 Profs and Helen (but forgot to take photos of those, facepalm!) - this box was made from the scraps.

University of Glasgow: Other Labs
Short lecture at the Henry Wellcome Functional Genomics Facility
Genomics: DNA microarray
One chip can hold all your DNA - there you go
Proteomics: PAGE gel runs, HPLC, mass specs, Flim-FRET.
Metabolomics: Super sensitive LCs that detect up to 0.0001MW. You can tell the difference between metabolites based on their MW.

Insectory with Anopheles mosquitoes. The research group studies the malarial parasite, which is cultured on a blood medium.

We went to the Institute of Molecular Parasitology after this, which was also a Wellcome Trust center. Unfortunately my camera died by then, so no pictures.. Can you believe the darn cam went through 14 batteries in 10 days. Crazy!! Every few hours I'd turn to ML and go "can you take photos my camera died liao" sigh.

We saw fluorescent trypanosomes, tsetse flies, and various other microscopes and plate readers.

Side Trips: Dundee, Stirling, Edinburgh
This is MUCH more like the weather we had all day every day than the sunny pictures above! Shot on the bus to Dundee.

Walking through the center of Dundee city

View from University of Dundee cafeteria

Wellcome Trust Biocenter
The TEM.. thats more than my entire house worth of $$ right there on the table, and that was just one room!

There was also the Anatomy department, but we were not allowed to take photographs. We actually went into their dissection rooms and saw the partly dissected cadavers. There were regional specimens (limb, head, neck) and full-body specimens. Fascinating, I never thought I would get a chance to see these as it is relatively rare for a course to be offered in Anatomy to non-medical students.

Observing fungi in the microbiology labs

Super foggy the day we went to Stirling

SO foggy I didn't realise there was anything on the hilltop till someone told me

Comfort food on a cold day, yummy
The Scottish Saltire - it was St Andrews' Day on November 30th
Saltires galore
An actor telling the story of William Wallace at the Wallace Monument
Stirling Castle. Sigh.
Slightly improved - one of the interior buildings of the castle
Sunset outside Stirling castle

St Andrews DO in Glasgow's George Square - a very winter-wonderland themed place. The Saltire was projected onto the City Chambers building.

The Royal Mile, Edinburgh. Rainy day again =(
Edinburgh Castle
Castle interior courtyard
Procession of bagpipes players up the Royal Mile - again St Andrews' Day celebrations
Look at the roadname WTH
Cockburn Street

I dearly wanted to walk around Edinburgh on their free walking tour but it was raining and cold =(

Finally ending of with my self-shot attempts hahahaha
Mugger-like. The robber kind.

On the 2197th attempt to take a good picture of myself in the University of Glasgow I finally succeeded
Camwhoring with a glass of the national drink Irn Bru (equals lemon barley with fizz kwakwa)
The best of the lot but still fail at camwhoring - I need a tutorial!! ZEKE!!

Thats all folks.. back to boring Singapore. I need to SLEEP (but I can't!) Argh.

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