Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Recently conversations with Sophie have gone on to a whole new level.

She's using words like "finally", "only", "nevermind" - big, abstract words yet she really seems to know what they mean.

Dinner conversation:
Me: Sophie, eat your cereal?
S: No........
M: Its really yummy cereal you know (repeated descriptions of how nice it is)
S: Don't want (repeatedly)
M: How about... Mummy put raisins inside your cereal?
S: FI-NAL-LY (exasperated tone)

The funniest of all, is the word "Because".. Sophie's learnt the word, but she does not know how to reason yet. So when we ask her a question beginning with "WHY?", she'll reply "Be-Cause".. and then pause...................... and not know what to say after that.


"Because" and not knowing how to continue kind of sums up my feelings over the month as well, I've been pretty down and trying to figure out how to get around what seemed insurmountable issues (in my tiny understanding that is!).
Didn't post though I wanted to many times, I felt I might be too "emo" and shock some, or be too "angry" and shock others.
And I hate having to deal with fallout, so better keep it all to myself till I've
(a) decided what to do
(b) gotten rid of the emotional aspect of my thought process so I can write rationally
(c) gotten out of my funk so I can write non-emo-tically

And so, here I am, at the end of December realising it was not really such a blog-worthy month after all. Too much to write on one hand, too little on the other, so err on the side of laziness and write less. =)

Check out Meimei's muffin-top tummy!

I've spent the month mostly at home, entertaining the 2 kids, seldom going out - yes, I didn't hit ANY shops once throughout the entire month, can you believe it OMG. Christmas shopping was done in hurried snatches in between tuitions, waiting for buses / trains, and so very very few (count them on 2 hands) adults got store-bought presents this year. A slightly bigger number (45) got hand made books from me, so I keep on telling them these books are SUPER LIMITED EDITION haha. Whatever possessed me to do the handmade books, goodness knows, they were certainly gorgeous but MEGA time consuming.

Children's presents on the other hand are a whole different ball game. The glee on my girls' faces as they see their presents and rip open the wrapping paper is just so heartwarming. So I rather put in the effort to buy, wrap and arrange the kids presents nicely under the tree, and make it a point to give pressies to all my friends' kids, they will surely enjoy receiving them as much as my kids do.

I bought S a set of Crayola washable markers, crayons and a colouring book for Christmas. Super good choice as she loves to colour, write and draw now.

Z got a set of board books and a soft toy, I hope she will not destruct them like Sophie did hers (hey, why would I need to buy new board books if S was a gentle girl you know)

This is also the first time I am seeing Christmas festivities through the excited eyes of my kids. I drove my in laws and the babies down Orchard Road in November before the crowds got too crazy, it was still a 1 hour journey just from ION to PS. Still, the journey was worth it because the babies liked the lights.. Mummy has no idea what the lights look like, I was busy fighting the traffic!

Seeing Sophie so excited at the Christmas tree in her school, I bought her a small one from Japan Home for $1 and a small box of ball ornaments from Daiso for $2 (CHEAPO alert!) - I made the rest of the ornaments myself from scrap papers and embellishments. Once the Cheapo tree went up, S would always go for it once she got home. Just $3 and she is so happy.. gosh..

Christmas morning outfits! Decided to let the kids look slightly chic in grayscale clothes. Nearly spoilt the effect though by wanting to put them in 1 red and 1 green stocking each!! HAHA!!
Don't worry, in the end S wore 2 green and Z wore 2 red. =P

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