Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Nov & Dec 2010 have passed at light speed

and the holidays are almost over. OMG!

Definitely the holidays have been better for me as a time to recuperate from the struggles of 2010. Torn between getting sufficient rest and doing all the things I have been missing out on doing in the very busy 2010.

One thing I am happy about is that I managed to get my scrap engine re-started. Partly due to agreeing to design for Scraplicious, I really needed to put in my heart and soul into SB. Luckily for me, I've not totally lost my abilities in creating stuff after the long hiatus.

My designs at Scraplicious:

Tea Tray using acrylic paper trays and Basic Grey Curio collection. There is another version using Graphic 45 Le Romantique but I've stupidly forgot to take photos before submitting.

House of Memories, using Websters' Pages Waiting for Santa / Sweet Season 6x6 paper pack and Crafty Secrets little folding house. I think my photos do not do the piece justice!!!! Always so hard to get good photos of a 3D project.

Random layouts. Detailed cutting on Websters for the 1st 3, got sian and decided to go for simple on the last 2.

More things to complete by the end of holidays: 2011 organizer, Juan's wedding angpow box and ROM album, (hopefully) room hanger for S and Z, finish up class projects.

On the home front, Pau has been getting more and more mischevious and cheeky. She is really testing her boundaries with whining, climbing the grilles, struggling, refusing to sleep argh. She even ran across the expo hall during Robinson's sale, not caring that I was not chasing her!!! OMG!! But she is also getting cuter by the day, cracking us up even when angry with her. She is SUCH a cute puff!!!!

Sophie gets prettier and more 小姐 each day!! She will even pause to POSE for photos when the camera is aimed at her! LOL. We have toilet trained her for day time, a nerve wrecking process especially when bringing her out without diaper.. Need to constantly ask her whether she needs toilet, and scramble to get to toilet when she asks for it eg. on a drive!! She is also getting more mature and able to reason with her. Although she still has tantrums, I feel its easier to calm her and make her listen now. She is also getting more daring in play (eg. climbing up the "networks" in playground).

Lastly, I got myself dyed hair and a new haircut. Fringe for the first time in ages! Needs getting used to again. Also bought iPhone 4, finally, after a super long saga over 3-4 days. =)


mommy goh said...

hi babe!
gong xi fa cai!
love the look of your new blog and oh my, your girls have grown so much and soo.... pretty too!
wishing you a very good start to 2011, more rest, more happiness, more joy and more scrap-booking too ya. love your scrappies...they are all so cool!!
take care!

Sandy Ang said...

Wow these are absolutely stunning projects ! You are a papercraft genius. Thanks for the inspiration