Thursday, August 30, 2007

Ten Things

you didn't know about me.

1. I weighed 70kg at my heaviest, in Secondary 3. 52kg at my lightest, in JC2. How did I achieve that - running, 3 times a week, and going on so crazy a diet everyone who heard of it called me anorexic. Don't try this at home.
2. I used to walk home from the MRT (30 mins walk) rather than take bus because I thought it was not worth it to pay the fare for such a short distance!
3. I've moved house 7 times in my life, not including two moves in and out of hall.
4. Science and Maths were my worst subjects in Secondary school. The best was History (omg!) Ironically, I'm now a Biology teacher.
5. I cannot stand repetitive noises. Reverse gear, left/right turn indicators, alarm clocks beeping, tuneless singing - they all drive me mad!
6. I am a Grade 8 in piano. Don't ask me to play for you though!
7. I hate admin. Really!
8. All I have to do is think unlucky thoughts for them to occur. Serious! Like, just before moving out of Yew Tee, I was thinking how dumb it would be if I dropped my house keys down the lift shaft - guess what, I did.. And, I was thinking "what if I dropped the container of fruits while carrying it" and voila, it happened.. =(
9. I spent 7 years as an usher team leader.
10. I love to read, but I won't pay to do it - hence, one of my favourite pastimes is to hang out at the library or at Borders! So kiamsiap right!!

I would like to do while travelling.
1. Take the Qingzang railway and marvel at the engineering genius along with the scenery.
2. Backpack /self-drive in Europe. Spend 3-4 weeks in each country! Top destinations - Spain, France, Italy. Yumm..
3. Take a round-the-world cruise on the Queen Mary 2 or Queen Elizabeth 2.
4. Wilderness adventure - spend a week or two in national parks the world over and enjoy the natural surroundings.
5. Take a sightseeing flight to Antarctica.
6. Visit the ruins of ancient civilizations - Xi'an, Thebes, Rome, Machu Picchu etc.
7. Spelunking! Mammoth Cave!

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