Thursday, June 03, 2010

June To Do List

#1: Catch up with friends - I need to touch base with some people I've not met for ages. Being realistic, that would translate to about 1 outing per week with friends.

#2: Revamp my wardrobe - Again, being realistic, I am probably not going to be able to fit into my pre-baby clothes any time in the near future, seeing as the last 5kg of baby fats seem to be be permanently settled all over my body. So I need to buy new clothes to not look so frumpy anymore.. this ties in with aim #3:

#3: Check out the new shopping malls in Orchard! No better time than during the GSS right? Just goes to show how "ulu" I am, on Monday I stepped out from Bugis to the roadside and went "Wah, why so many lights one!" Erm, I was facing Iluma which I never knew was there *shamefaced.
Anyway this fits in really nicely with #1 and #2 *defensive* - I've not been to parts of Orchard for more than 6 months la.

#4: Clear out stuff - clothes cabinet, shoe cabinet, kids cabinets, scrapbooking stuff.

#5: Do some decoration of the kids' room. Maybe get them a new mattress, as there is only 1 mattress in the room at the moment.

#6: Rebond hair. Maybe dye a little.

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