Monday, March 01, 2010

Is too s*** stressed that she has weird dreams

And so I was going on holiday to Iceland with my mother from 4th to 7th June. Deciding between pink striped and purple fur coats, I dithered and forgot to pack my underwear. No worries, we were limousine-chauffeured to the airport and got there in record time. Horror of horrors, discovered that my mum's friend's son was my colleague Yew Han and would be going along with us. Shit, will he ask me to work on my holidays too??? But actually, it was not a bad trip, just that I was pissed my name couldn't fit into the 5-letter long space on the souvenir pictures. Whereupon I promptly woke up and discovered it was 6.45am and dashed off to school.

Credits to Jiawen (calling me to tell me she'd booked a holiday to Europe in June), Yew Han (for calling me about work and for being surnamed Heng - same as Aunty Miriam), my over active imagination and need for a break.

And Iceland is beautiful in my dreams..

PS. Got to school then remembered today we only need to report at 8.45am, damn could have continued seeing more of Iceland in my dream..

Update - I went home to google for photos of Iceland. My dream is super inaccurate lah. =X

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