Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Talk Show

Sophie is talking up a storm nowadays. All sorts of different sounds keep on tumbling out of her little mouth.. plenty of combinations of 2- and 3-syllable babble! The rate at which she starts on new words is amazing, like 2-3 new words a day! We've taken to enunciating simple words that we want her to pick up slowly and repeatedly, and suddenly, *poof*, she's saying them too. Wah.. =)

Word List:
1. Mama (Grandma in Hokkien)
2. Papa
3. Papash (Papa's)
4. Papa.......ya (I'm not sure if she actually knows what this one means!)
5. Gong gong
6. Por por
7. Tita (Filipino for Aunty, my maid)
8. Mum-mum (eat)
9. Eat
10. Yesh (Yes)
11. Cup
12. Cut
13. Cah (Car)
14. Ahp (Up)
15. Oww (Out)
16. There
17. Buff (Bath)
18. Grah (Grass)
19. Aiyah (this is SUPER FUNNY!! Got singlish accent one!)
20. Meimei (very rare)
21. Mummy (even RARER). Asking her to say Mummy is like asking for gold to drop out from her mouth!

And she even did a 2-word sentence:
Papa'shhh Car!!

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