Monday, August 03, 2009

Mega Behind Time

I am sooooooooooooo behind time with answering my emails, keeping up the fundraising thread, didn't even publish my latest SB creations on this blog or either gallery I keep up with.. =(

why so busy and mega behind time??

Tuesday - Went out for dinner with parents. Declared the night a ME night (been rushing out fundraising items for the past few days) and managed to scrap one LO for MR13 challenge.
Wednesday - Sneaked down to MWL to pick up some stuff.. after all the monthlong 40% discount is ending soon. Tuition at night till late.
Thursday - Rushing to finish an LO for the fundraising thread for collection. Also had to go out to NTUC with entire family in tow, plus an unexpected visit from my parents (argh!)
Friday - Sophie's big misbehaving episode in the morning, plus buying her shoes, and FOP at night. Rushed out LO for Laine's July challenge though I only posted it up 11 mins past the deadline =( Embellishonline stuff arrived and sorted it out till 4am in the morning!
Saturday - Tuition in morning, rush home to pass car to FIL, wait for parents to come, go out later for another tuition.
Sunday - 20th Anni service in the morning till mid afternoon. Out since 6plus am as I had to send G first, turn around home and pick up the babies and then go down to SIS a 2nd time. And Magdelene's wedding dinner at night.

Oh my gosh, I have been going out almost every day for the past week. Add on to Sophie's tantrums, Zoe's feeding sessions, and I barely even have time to on the computer and check my emails. I have so many backdated things to do!! Man!!

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