Sunday, August 09, 2009

It never rains, it pours

Sophie has stopped throwing up and replaced that with refusing to eat AT ALL, and refusing to drink her milk too. Its been about 2 days since she even had 1 drop of milk!! Yikes!!

And with the lack of nutrition, her immune system is down too and hence Sophie has fallen ill.. she had a bad cold, running nose and sore throat (vicious cycle, all the more she does not want to eat~!). So she is mega whiny and clingy.. suddenly cry for no reason and throw tantrums for no reason too. Last night, I think she woke up like, 10 times?? Or more?? Man!! And she gave Zoe a shock too with her ever-loud wailing, so that Zoe did not sleep well either last night. Poor little Pau was trembling and woke up about 4-5 time through the night too. For me who is used to her waking up either only once or not at all.. that was a rude shock! Sigh!

After the ordeal last night, we brought her to Mt A 24 hour clinic this morning. Somehow seems she always falls sick on long weekend or holidays.. sigh.. no normal doctors available and even if we want to see a PD, have to wait till Tues. The doc at Mt A seems pretty unconcerned about her condition and recommended some cough drops, nasal spray, infant panadol and a gel for her tongue which he diagnosed as having a fungal infection. So perhaps that also contributed to the reluctance to eat as it would have caused her pain.

Sigh, my poor baby.. get well soon!!

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