Friday, May 22, 2009

Yes'a'not?? Isen it?

Like with S, I am having cramps and funny feelings in my tummy now (at 38wks 4d). For S, I think I had a few days worth of crampy episodes before the real thing.

Unfortunately, with S I was already off work, but I am working all the way with Z. So I left work early today in a panic thinking that it was time when I started having cramps and feeling nauseous, only to have the cramps more-or-less disappear after a few hours of resting in bed. They are still there now but nowhere near regular. =(

This on-again-off-again thing is going to start getting really irritating especially as it affects my ability to work properly! Practically bulldozing my way out of school today and explaining to people whom I've to last-minute co-opt into helping me finish stuff, ONLY TO have nothing happen at all. Argh!

I know I want Z to be punctual (and not early) but I am kind of regretting that thought now. How ideal it would be if there were no pre-labour symptoms and she would just come out once and for all!!

Funnily enough, the uncertainty reminds me of my ex-Math teacher's favourite phrase..
"Yes'a'not?? Isen it??"
it sent me into hysterical fits of mental giggles. What a thing to remember now!! And how crazily apt. Hahahahaha.

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