Sunday, May 31, 2009

Some Choice Sophie Shots

I'm enjoying the life of SAHM now.. Or at least, I will be for the next few days!! After that, it would not be "enjoy" anymore while having to attend to double the whines and wails! Haha.. Just thinking of going back to those days of sleepless nights and 2 hourly feeds and the routine of breastfeeding-pumping-breastfeeding is making me wonder how to cope!! Oops!!

But while I am still resting and enjoying, here are some choice Sophie shots:

Stylo-Milo Mouse!! Baby sunglasses from GAP nia!
Who also happens to be a vain-pot mouse.. She loves to see herself in the mirror and kiss herself in the mirror too.. *faint*.. where did she learn such things from!!
Bookworm tendencies! Like mummy!

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