Monday, May 04, 2009

Lizard Plague!!

Gosh.. Is there a Bible plague listed about lizards by any chance?? I seem to be undergoing a plague of lizards these few days.. urgh!!

Sat morning - Lizard on living room floor as I was about to walk out. Had to ask maid to chase it away =(
Sun night - Lizard on stairs (as in, foot level) while I was walking up.. Came as close as I can to running past that part of the stairs. No one to rescue me as downstairs pp are all sleeping and G was still shooting.
This morning - TWO lizards!!! Argh!! One on the window RIGHT next to the wardrobe!! And one on the front door as I was about to go out AGAIN. =( Had to ask MIL to rescue me for that one..

Yucks!! I hate lizards!!

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