Tuesday, March 10, 2009

To Die For

I've recently been engrossed by die-cut machine, specifically the Quickutz Revo which I have borrowed twice from Vivian. First round to produce the Christmas gifts for my section, and second round to produce the door gifts for Sophie's first birthday party. Pros are, its really so easy to use and much more economical than buying many copies of the same stickers / letter etc, because I can just use the pattern paper, cardstock and other materials that I already have to cut out stuff.

So, I am tempted to get a die cut machine of my own.. but..

1. initial investment is expensive.. the machine itself will cost more than $100 even if i get 2nd hand
2. the dies are expensive!! can be more expensive than the machine itself for an alpha set for example.. really got to make sure i use many many times of the same alpha in order to make it worth it.. but without the dies, the machine itself is worthless.
3. i think i will end up buying all sort of different dies for the different alphas, shapes etc.

Oh sigh.. I should lead myself from temptation.. =(.. unless i get a really big fat performance bonus this year (2 days time!!)..

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