Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sophie's 1st birthday party

The catering setup and Happy Birthday banner behind

We held S's birthday party on 8th of March, Sunday. It was a sweltering hot day and the food, the people and the birthday cake were all literally melting in the heat.

G with Gabriel.. Matching T-shirts for big G and small G!

Most of the decor were done by myself.. door gift cards, personalized kids goodie bags, Happy Birthday signs for her cupcakes, powerpoint presentation for her first year, and put up my scraps about her on the walls around.

The door gift cards.. Sotong me realised I didn't take any picture of the front cover.. only of the inside.. argh! Must rectify that..

Cupcakes!! Woo!! From Cupcake Momma.. They were a real hit! Easy because no need to cut a big cake, and soooo pretty too.

Blowing the candle with the birthday girl.. who is interested only in grabbing for the flame.. argh

Actually I had also hoped to do a few other things.. such as a mini album just for her, cupcake holders for guests to bring back the cupcakes, the Happy Birthday banner for the wall, a pinata for the kids to play with.. but.. too ambitious liao la. Maybe next time.. =P

With Debbie and James!

An exhausted Anders fell asleep once his mummy placed him in the bumbo seat.. daddy Alex is laughing at him from behind

Our guests begin arriving at 12plus and the fun started.. the house was chaos and mess with running, yelling kids and lots of noise.. I guess we had better get used to these "kiddy" parties. Fortunately I had set up a room with art and craft materials (spare scrap stuff) for the kids to play, and it kept them fairly occupied and out from under people's feet with minimal effort hehe. A great thing were the helium balloons sent by Roger and Lynn.. the kids are really fascinated with them! So many of the kids requested to take home the balloons, much to the consternation of their parents.. haha..

Displaying the pink dress and blue ribbon and pink balloon fascination.

I love my balloon!

Sophie was stuffed into a new dress for the day, which had a ribbon she kept on pulling off.. argh.. its a very pretty dress though and very matching to the theme of the day (ie. PINK). She was pretty excited about all the guests and activity, fortunately she didn't throw any tantrums but just refused to take her afternoon nap, argh. Spent the day buzzing around the art and craft room and the living room. I think with too many people present, she did not pay attention to destroying her presents till after everyone has left, haha. Else everyone will see what a destructo-mouse she is!

Destructo-mouse deciding which bag of stuff to rip open first!

The mountain of presents she received was like, 2-3 times of her size? Ambitious miss mouse wanted to climb over all of them at once.. erps! And when we packed them up, like all the books into 1 bag, she was intently helping me to un-pack the stuff from the bag.. argh!

All mine! Yeah! Even though the boxes and bags are bigger than I am!

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