Friday, March 27, 2009

Baby Zoe's Wish List

As of tomorrow, I will be 31 weeks with Baby Zoe. She is different from her Jiejie.. Less of a fast mover but oh boy, just as strong with her kicks and punches!

Seeing that 31 weeks means about 6-9 weeks to go (God, let it be 9 weeks or more, please!!), I thought I should start putting up Z's wishlist for anyone who wants to bless her..

- No need clothes (Jiejie has more than enough to hand-me-down to her)
- No need milk bottles, sterilizer, breast pump etc - all these paraphernalia are still usable from Sophie's time
- No need stroller, baby carrier, car seat - She can use Jiejie's "leftovers" too.
- No need toys, cot mobile, cot bedding sets, etc.. refer to above.
- No need NB size diapers (Kiasu mummy here has probably bought enough from bulk purchases to wrap her little bum in for as long as she can wear them) - Bigger sized diapers are most welcome though!

Hm, what would we need then??
- NTUC vouchers - Mainly to buy the "consumables" items like milk powder, teats, wipes, diapers, cereal etc.
- Baby wipes - Sophie does not have a "Golden backside"and she has not gotten any diaper rash no matter what brand of wipes we have used on her, hopefully Zoe will be the same! Economical choices include Carrefour house brand tub wipes (200 pieces for $3.80 on promo), Sweetcheeks packet wipes (buy 1 get 1 free promo at NTUC for $3.95).
- Diapers (as mentioned above, no need NB size diapers, but S, M and L sizes are most welcome. After all, our place is a diaper cum milk powder cum wipes storehouse already - will take pics soon, wait for it LOL - it won't hurt to have a few more packs! Again, Miss Non-Golden-Backside jiejie wears Huggies Dry (blue packaging- about 18-20 cents a piece on promo price), Pampers Baby Dry (pink packaging - about 23 cents a piece on promo price).

So unexciting and boring hor?? Sigh, but that's the reality of having a 2nd child..

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