Sunday, January 18, 2009

Standing Tall

Mouse has managed to stand on her own without support!

Previously, she would have to grap onto something and use it to pull herself up. But yesterday morning, when she woke up, she simply stood up without help from her sitting position. Both G and I were half asleep and so we didn't really realise what she had accomplished.. So it took about 5 seconds for me to yell "Hey she's standing up all by herself!" LOL. Trust Miss Sophie to do this kind of things at 5am in the morning..

Anyway, she has been happily making use of her new found ability since then. At church, she walked all the way across about 1m of the soft playmat without support. Hooray!

My little girl will be walking soon.. She's growing up so fast!

Also, her rate of learning is really so much faster now. She know the meaning of words like "fan", "clock", "goldfish", "horse", "bubbles", "care bear", "hamtaro" (the last 2 being her favourite toys at home) and will turn her head to look at these items whenever we ask her where they are. And yesterday, Roselyn and I taught her how to feed herself with her finger snacks in the nursery, Within just 5 mins she has picked up the skill and will now grab the star snack from my hand and place into her own mouth. Its kind of messy but so cute!

Sophie and Roselyn

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