Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sophie's 1 year old birthday party / Cow's detailed scan

Sophie is turning 1 in less than 2 months time. Meantime, I have not started planning for her birthday party yet |||-_-

Seeing all the elaborate details that other mummies look into (venue, invitations, decor, food, door gifts, activities to entertain parents / kiddies, family photoshoots, professional photographers/videographers, the all-important bday cake etc).. makes me shudder and wonder how I can manage to coordinate these in the remaining few weeks, AND somemore school work is so busy.. Argh..

Maybe we shall just have a family gathering.. Not like S will remember her first birthday anyway.. =P

- cruel mummy!

On another note, we have had Cow's detailed scan at TMC today. She was happily wiggling throughout the scan and even had a "Bruce Lee" pose with both hands in front of her face partway through. Haha. Looks like she is gonna be able to fight with the jiejie for being bossy and domineering!

Apparently she is absolutely average for all the parameters measured, which is really great as it shows her growth is on track and all the parts of her body are developing normally. Good cow! The radiographer was very nice and chatted to us telling us what the different parts of the body are. It is really much more detailed than the ultrasound machine at Dr Koh's office and much easier to interpret. The radiographer seems to be a rush though and the scan went much faster than Sophie's. Maybe because Sophie was spinning and kicking and flipping her way through when we did hers, or maybe because we were the last appointment for the day and the radiographer wanna quickly finish and go home.. LOL..

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