Monday, October 13, 2008

Mouse News Edition 5: 13102008

It all began with a cough on Tuesday night..

By Friday Sophie had progressed to a full blown chesty, phlegmy cough; sneezing with abundant mucus running out of her nose, loss of appetite and throwing up all the solid food we fed her. Her throwing up is no joke! It means cleaning her, changing her, cleaning the chair/table/floor and whatever is in her vicinity, and finally cleaning and changing whoever was nearest her when she puked. And being unable to sleep at night because of the mucus clogging her nostrils (which she doesn't know how to expel!) or violent coughing, so she kept on waking up (read: we have to keep waking up too).

Doc said that Miss Mouse would take some time to recover as her immune system is very low. Seems like the worst is over as her coughing frequency has decreased already. But it will take awhile for her to fully recover, and gain back her appetite, and re-train her to take solids (we have switched her to full liquid diet since she had been puking!)

Poor Mouse! And poor us!

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