Thursday, October 02, 2008

Mouse News Edition 4: 01102008

Happy Children's Day - and what an appropriate day to update about Miss Mouse.

She is standing much more stably now. Not wobbly at all when holding on to a handhold and she once managed to keep her balance for a few seconds without any handhold too!

Her top 2 teeth are coming up and boy is she cranky. These few days when she feels the pain she literally screams and yells at the top of her voice. And teething gel only soothes her for less than 5 mins before she begins yelling again. Food/milk doesn't seem to go down well either as it irritates the gums, so she's been eating a little less than she used to.

For the same reason, she has not drunk much water for the past few days (she only chews the teat rather than drink the water) and resulted in her having pretty bad constipation. We had to bring the poor girl to Mt Alvernia's A&E on Tuesday night after she was unable to get the poo out. Could see it going in and out of her backside but it was just too hard and too huge for her to get out on her own strength. So Mt A it was, she got some numbing cream, a glycerin suppository and a liquid enema which finally managed (after some 3 hours or so?) to induce her to poo. The doc had to manually break up the huge piece too to let her have an easier time.

That piece of shit, cost her daddy $105. Her most expensive shit ever.

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