Thursday, September 04, 2008

Mouse News Edition 2: 04092008

Mouse has really been throwing her temper these past few days. Hmph! Spoilt little girl, she will scream and yell to get her way - and subside immediately once you give in. So we know it's not that she's uncomfortable or upset - she just wants to get she wants! Urgh. But all is forgiven once she turns and gives you that sweet grin.

She has also developed a really strong grip and is regularly pulling my hair off my head. Really! The moment I pick her up, she goes straight for my scalp. Baby, mummy has very little hair already OK?? You pull some more, I really have no hair left.

And finally, she has learned to sit up by herself! Though she is still pretty wobbly in sitting position but its alright even if she falls due to her nice thick bumper playmat. It's really an A+ worth it investment.

PS> This holidays has been darn busy still. Not much time to relax, sleep in or scrap. Sigh. Have a whole host of mouse and LO pictures I have yet to upload - no time to tweak them yet.
PPS> Yes I know my mouse updates are very irregular.

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