Tuesday, September 23, 2008


being wined and dined for my birthday, and rushing the last few lessons before the exams.

OK, not wined, but still.
1. 16th Sept dinner - Wild Rocket at Hangout Hotel @Mt Emily with G. Good food (read his blog!) and lovely atmosphere. Had a surprise from my section (and some ex-section pp too!) when they came up all the way to celebrate with me. That was really touching, especially since we will soon be together no longer.

le yum

2. 17th Sept lunch - with G again, we went to NYDC and had a simple lunch since they had 1 for 1 set lunches with DBS card.

3. 17th Sept dinner - at Din Tai Fung with my parents. My parents have a very sparse eating style - the 3 of us shared 1 bowl of noodles, 1 xiao long bao, and 2 other dishes - and had trouble finishing it! G couldn't believe his ears when I told him. Hehe.

4. 19th Sept dinner - at NYDC again with Tiff and KQ. Tiff gave me a gorgeous LO showing out 10 years ago super nerdy photo when we went to Australia to visit her! Kwa kwa to the photo but kudos to the LO!

zoom in alot to see our nerd looks

5. 20th Sept dinner - at Fish and Co with I, Jan and Raine, followed by dessert at Ah Chew's (a must every time I go past Bugis!) Jan and I have birthdays that are 2 days apart, so the 3 of them bought me capitaland mall vouchers and the three of us bought her.. capitaland mall vouchers. Haha. Lucky I altered the envelope else it will be even weirder!

Altered envelope for vouchers which I made for Jan

6. 21st Sept - Surprise celebration by my group after PM and oscar.. unfortunately I was in a rush to leave and bring S home and didn't get to stay and thank everyone properly!

This year, my birthday gifts are all literally papers. Very worth money papers hor, capitaland mall vouchers and MWL vouchers. Hehe. My shopping for the rest of the year is settled le. =)

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