Thursday, September 25, 2008

15 years

How do you condense 15 years into 1 sms?

Today is the last day that my beloved Scampy will be around, the last day in the past 15 years that I can tell others "I have a dog".

We will be putting him down later this morning, because he has cancer at the throat area, has been operated on but the cancer re-grew. He has been unable to eat due to the operation leaving a hole in his jaw, and gradually grown thinner and weaker.

I'm unable to be there for him today as I have to work, but I smsed my mum this morning:
"pls give dog a few extra pats for me b4 sending him off. tell him he is a good dog, a handsome boy and he will always be my favourite pet. thank him for being with us for 15 years from jalan kebaya till now n giving us so many good memories. tell him i will miss him very much n i'm sorry i can't be there w him today. hope that he will have no pain n find himself in doggy heaven when he wakes up with his orange squeaky toy and all his fav foods, n many doggy friends to play with."

Goodbye Scampy, i love you and i will miss you so much.

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