Saturday, August 09, 2008


Routine Saturday breakfast for G and me at our neighbourhood hawker center before a visit to Mt E visiting Shirley and Sharan's little Mikayla.

[birthdate-080808, time 0008 hours. weight 3.83kg (huge OMG!! -all natural OMGGGG!!). their~ Indian~ doctor has a sense of humour delivering an ~Indian~ baby at a 生辰字 any Chinese would kill for.wahaha.]

With some time to spare after Mt E, I took a leisurely walk down Orchard Road in the clear sunshine. People moved with the uncertainty of having too much space, like a model on a catwalk - it seems the entire street is yours to strut down.

(it was early afterall.)

Bought a sweetcorn biscuit icecream and slowly chewed. Coolness and sweetness in the mouth is just the perfect counterpoint to a day that gave off early promises of sultriness.

Walked wherever I wanted.

Life is good.

(how i wish everyday could be like that!)

Mouse News:
Happy National Day, Singapore, from one of your (relatively) new citizens!
(who then proceeds with her ritual destruction of all things handy)

oops did i just show disrespect to the national flag

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