Saturday, August 23, 2008

005: Happy National Day

Did up a National Day LO for challenge by Groovie. Challenge is set by Sophia MamaChan so I decided to try!

After I finish I realised I should have killed 2 birds with one stone n tweak it to submit for TSL National Day challenge also. Aiyah.

This is my first time doing challenge and its really tough.. the conditions are
1) Using SB elements to create a visual triangle in your LO (i.e. photos or embellishments) 2) Showcase the use of stars in your LO! Could be in patterned paper, stamps, doodled or your embellishments. 3) If possible, include the main colors of red, white and some black.

The triangle nearly killed me.. as well as the stars cos I don't really have any stars. Managed to dig through my PP and came up with one that have stars in the corner, so I cut it out and used the rest of the paper for matting photos. Haha.

The photo shows Sophie playing destroyer on the National Day flag which I have actually posted up before. Out of the whole series of shots there is just that ONE shot where she is totally still. The others, all got motion blur cos my gal is one fast mouse!


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